Each chapter of Portraits of Persistence, a project of the University of Texas Urban Ethnography Lab, offers an intimate portrait of one or two individual lives. The subjects are a diverse group of individuals from across the continent: grassroots activists and political brokers, private security entrepreneurs, female drug dealers, shantytown dwellers, and rural farmers, as well as migrants finding routes into and out of the region. Through these accounts, the writers explore issues that are common throughout today’s world: precarious work situations, gender oppression, housing displacement, experiences navigating the bureaucracy for asylum seekers, state violence, environmental devastation, and access to good and affordable health care. Carefully situating these experiences within the sociohistorical context of their specific local regions or countries, editor Javier Auyero and his colleagues consider how people make sense of the paths their lives have taken, the triumphs and hardships they have experienced, and the aspirations they hold for the future. Ultimately, these twelve compelling profiles offer unique and personal windows into the region’s complex and multilayered reality.

Este material de estudio proporciona principalmente la base teórica de los temas que se tratarán en la asignatura de Teatro y Dramatización Infantil en las Licenciaturas de Educación Infantil y Primaria, y junto con ello informa sobre las actividades que se realizarán en la asignatura. Los alumnos que cursen la asignatura tendrán la oportunidad de profundizar en la teoría de las áreas tratadas gracias a este material de estudio, y los que no sean alumnos de la asignatura podrán descubrir lo que allí hacemos. Este libro proporciona una manera para que algunos se sumerjan en el teatro infantil, la dramatización y el teatro en la educación.