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Gatti, Gabriel Imaz, Elixabete; Iruretagoiena, Ula, Cabello, Violeta Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU) Proyectos colaborativos Autonómico Ene 2023 / Dic 2024

Col/Park addresses the question of how to shape protective spaces where different forms of existence can inhabit worlds marked by social abandonment, environmental degradation and collapse. For this purpose, the proposal builds upon an interdisciplinary reflection on the concept of park. The reflection attends to the historical conditioning factors of parks as devices, both positive (construction of order, wellbeing and beauty) and negative (homogenizing intervention of the environment that, in the limit, deconstruct it) as well as the paradoxes these conditioning factors entail. Col/Park proposes the park as a tool to facilitate complex articulations between human and non-human agents in contexts marked by abandonment, an instrument for (over)living in a world in crisis. In the short and medium term, the proposal seeks to provide a theoretical basis for this reflection and to learn about different experiences of habitability of degraded spaces. In the long term, it aims to contribute to the design of these experiences. For the first phase, it brings together the work of groups and researchers from different areas (social sciences, architecture, social ecology, fine arts) with experience in research on social abandonment, environmental regeneration and intervention on degraded sites. The work plan aims to broaden the territories on which to intervene and the disciplines with which to collaborate in such interventions.